"MedITEX is a pleasure to work with, providing training, support and contextual advice on an ongoing basis. They have a deep insight on the capabilities of their systems and do their utmost to help accommodate workflows and clinic needs."

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Medical History

Medical History

Specialized medical history forms designed for patients going through an ART treatment.

MedITEX Survey allows your patients to complete their medical history from the comfort of their homes. Simply email your personalized anamnesis form to patients and get them back into MedITEX hassle-free.
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Recording of ultrasound, hysteroscopy, testicular biopsy, and many more examination types.

MedITEX Examinations provides a secure repository for your patients' examination data, accessible to all staff members. Customizable text blocks help you integrate recurring notes efficiently.

Treatment Journey

Detailed overview of patients’ treatment journey including medication, examinations, and much more.

Treatment Journey consolidates data from various sources such as pathology results, embryology, and consultation rooms, delivering an intuitive interface for healthcare professionals. As a result, you'll experience immense time savings.

Why choose MedITEX IVF?

Customizable medical history forms

Import of ultrasound pictures and diverse examination types

The most comprehensive cycle management on the market

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