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MedITEX Scheduler

MedITEX Scheduler is the perfect tool to efficiently coordinate the day-to-day activities of your clinic. It is the ideal application not only to manage patient appointments but all your resources such as doctors, rooms, and devices in one single place. It will help you keep an overview of the entire operation of the clinic. You can also book full treatments or use the waiting room functionality, which

allows you to control which patients have arrived and where they are located.
Designed for a seamless integration with MedITEX IVF, MedITEX Scheduler can help you get a better overview of the clinic’s resources, so you can be sure you’re providing the best service for your patients at all times.

MedITEX Survey

MedITEX Survey - Your digital anamnesis module.
Why not have patients fill out their medical history before their initial consultation? MedITEX Survey allows your patients to complete their medical history from the comfort of their homes. Simply email your personalized anamnesis form to patients and get them back into MedITEX hassle-free.

Your benefits:
• Immediate workload reduction in many areas of the clinic
• Critical patient data is available to the doctor even before meeting the patient
• Data is provided by the patient
• No communication errors