"Excellent, reliable, good integration with third party applications. MedITEX covers all aspects of the clinic's operations, and it provides regular upgrades and good support."

Manchester Fertility, UK


Industry-leading reporting functionalities for decision-making supported by factual data.

MedITEX KPI offers a variety of pre-configured indexes and rates that can be easily accessed on-demand. The reporting functionalities facilitate the extraction of factual data-backed indicators.



MedITEX has built a portfolio of supported interfaces such as semen analyzers, incubators, ultrasound machines, and many more.


 MedITEX REST API is a highly configurable interfacing tool, using cutting-edge technology, allowing flexible and intricate setup possibilities.


MedITEX Registry allows the export of data to many national registries such as DIR, FIVNAT, HFEA, ANZARD, RetePMA, and several others.


MedITEX Accounting

Maintain complete control over your finances.

MedITEX Accounting enables you to define invoice templates for different invoicing situations, track payments, and visualize the status of your overall account balance.
User Rights


Complete control over user rights.

MedITEX Administration provides you with all the tools to create users in MedITEX IVF, add their responsibilities, and restrict access to some areas of the software. 

Why choose MedITEX IVF?

Fast business intelligence reports

Analytical finance module 

Clear overview of lab results

Complete control over user rights

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