“To say it in a few words, Meditex organizes and facilitates the work in Reproductive Medicine. It allowed us to achieve paperless operations, streamlined decisions during meetings, and generated a remarkable impact on our patients."



Create patients, manage couples, appointments, medical history, communications, and cycles.

Desktop app

MedITEX IVF offers you all the essential tools to manage and view the journey of your patients.

Multiple users

Seamless interfaces with other systems synchronize patient data, eliminating the need to enter patients twice.


MedITEX Scheduler

Organize all clinical activities, and manage patient appointments, while keeping an overview of the entire operation of your clinic.

MedITEX Scheduler allows you to efficiently coordinate the day-to-day activities of your clinic. It is the ideal application to manage all your resources, such as doctors, rooms, and devices, in one place.
File Management


Create, import, and secure customized analog and digital reports for your patients.

With an industry-leading reporting functionality, MedITEX IVF allows you to categorize and conveniently place customized files in the demographics area for easy access from every workstation. MedITEX DocLink is the perfect interface for the import of files brought by the patient and enables a paperless environment.
Patient Communication

Hope Fertility App

Revolutionize your patient management by eliminating time-consuming tasks (phone calls, or printing).

With the Hope App, you can effortlessly update treatment plans in your clinic software and send them to your patients in just three clicks. Appointment scheduling is seamless, as the app syncs calendar adjustments, keeping patients informed about their visits.

Choose the Hope App for an efficient patient communication solution.


MedITEX allows secure and quick communication with your patients via various portals.


Send and receive SMS messages that allow instant communication with patients. Automated messages will remind patients of their appointments.


Efficiently organize all patient communications with the integrated client, ensuring you never miss any information.


Safely transmit messages and documents to patients through MedITEX Webportal, an interface hosted on your website that facilitates direct communication with your patients.


Consent Management

Create and track customized consent forms for your patients.

MedITEX Consent Management allows you to print or digitally send customized consent forms to your patients. Its interface with specialized consent systems offers extended functionalities, like digital signing and automatic saving.

Why choose MedITEX IVF?

Create and store documents

Seamless communication

All-encompassing patient management

Flexible appointment system

Trackable and customizable consent forms

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